Action Plan

When we are talking about PSYCH-K, often there is this wrong notion that changing the beliefs is all we need to do. To a certain extent – this is true. But, if you’re looking for a deep and meaningful change, then there is another crucial and important part – your action plan.


What is an Action Plan?

What is your action plan? It is your way to initiate, make that change you have just balanced for during the session, become a reality, to be manifested in your life. I know, it’s hard. Sometimes, even though we are yearning for a change so much, we are terrified of it just as much.


It is, unfortunately, the case with so many clients I see – resistance to take action, bring in the change they desire so much. This is the reason I stress time and again during the PSYCH-K session: do your action plan. This is exactly the part where you take responsibility for your life, and make your dreams the reality you are entitled to.

I know, action plan sounds big, scary. You’d be surprised, but as opposed to the big title of it, an action plan should be simple, easy and most importantly – doable. The common mistake is to think about it as your “New Year Resolution”. I’d love to meet that person who kept his new year resolutions and followed them all the way through. No. This is not an action plan. An action plan is a modest and humble initiative that sets you up for success.

Design Your Plan to Succeed 

When you’re taking everything you worked on in the session, and translate it to operative measures (as simple and easy as they can be), you are showing yourself, first and foremost, that change is in reach. You’re showing yourself that you can do it, that you are doing it. Most of all – you are transforming yourself from a passive state of being to an active one. You’re in charge.

So, remember, the action plan is your first step in the change you want to see, in the change you want to be. GO GO GO.

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