Explore Within, Shine Throughout

Let’s talk about self-exploring. What does it actually mean and why is it so good for us? It is a process that a lot of people are refraining from going through, for various reasons. Most likely the main reason is that it is extremely hard. Not only that, it’s not something one can do overnight, it takes time. Doesn’t sound too tempting, right? Why would someone embark on this kind of process?

Me, Myself and I

Well, here is the answer – as much as it is hard, excruciating at times, draining in parts and kind of a lifelong journey – it is the most rewarding course to take. The hard work pays off very well. So, what does it actually mean to go on a journey of self-exploration? What does it mean to get to know yourself?

In a nutshell, self-exploration is about taking a close and deep look at who we are – thoughts, feelings, patterns of behaviour, passions, ambitions, etc. while asking ourselves why? Meaning, laying out what we experience is not enough. Self-exploration is about looking for the roots of who we are – understanding the patterns that formed together in our personality and they are what makes us be who we are.

Ignorance is a Bliss?

A lot of people have the approach of “what I don’t know, doesn’t hurt me”. Is that so? Contemporary research has shown that 95% of our consciousness actually stored in the subconscious level. That means, we are simply unaware of what affects us, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt us. Our behaviour affects our experience, and our behaviour is a direct expression of what’s stored in our subconscious mind – fear, anger, trauma, anxiety, pain, self-limitations and so on.

Therefore, understanding the roots, realising the patterns is also a process of liberation, of creating a choice. We have the opportunity to change our behaviour (choose differently), which ultimately changes our experience.

But that’s not all. The process of self-exploration brings up to the surface a lot of emotional baggage. Unpleasant feelings that we have been carrying around for years, they have been weighing us down, but we never dealt with them. And this is the hardest part – facing what we have repressed for so long.

The Joy of Liberation

The truth is, that liberation comes after we face our demons and release them. Meaning, without realising, we have locked in our emotions, and by doing so, we also locked in our demons. By facing them, we enable ourselves to detach and let go. Let go of the demons, of the negative feelings they bring and release the trauma of experiencing them. There is no greater joy than the feeling of lightness, relief and freedom. The feeling of liberty.

So, take a deep breath, commit and trust yourselves. You are able, you are strong and most of all – you are worthy. It’s going to be hard, no doubt, but it’ll pay off. Big time.
Explore within and shine throughout.

How to self-explore?
The number of ways and methods is endless. Take your pick. For me, Vipassana Meditation, Rebirthing Breathwork and PSYCH-K did the trick.

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