Price List

Whether you want to try out Rebirthing Breathwork or work with PSYCH-K®, the most important thing is – you are investing in yourself!

A Small Taste

Rebirthing Breathwork

First session (up to 3 hours) – €100

2nd session and onwards (each session 90-120 min.) – €80


Each session (1 hour) – €70
PSYCH-K is also available via Skype.

The Whole Process

*Special Prepaid Offer – Breathwork:

10 sessions for €597

Special Prepaid Offer – PSYCH-K®:

4 sessions for €250

*Special Prepaid Offer – Breathwork + PSYCH-K®:

10 sessions for €997 (Two instalments are possible; Longer sessions combining both methods)

*After 10 guided sessions with a practitioner, you can practise Breathwork by yourself,
you acquire a lifetime tool.

For further information or any other question, please contact us!