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Welcome to Practice of Mind

Welcome to Practice of Mind - a place of self-exploration, reflection and change.

Do you feel there’s a lot more inside you than you know?

Do you feel happy and content with your life?

Are you sometimes just too exhausted by stress, anxiety and anger?

If you can relate to some or all of these questions above, please be assured - you’re in good company. We often get triggered and don’t even know why we reacted the way we did, why things made us feel a certain way. We’re flying on autopilot not really navigating our own lives.

It all starts within us. Getting to know ourselves better, taking the time to reflect upon our lives, while asking ourselves - is this where I want to be? Is this how I want to feel? What do I need to do to change it?

Practice of Mind introduces two methods and processes to support you on your journey:

Rebirthing Breathwork - a deep and intense breathing practice, in which you can get in touch with your emotions, your body and release stress and other negative feelings.

PSYCH-K® - a fast, simple and verifiable process to change self-limiting beliefs that hold you back mentally, emotionally, professionally and physically.

You are welcome to read further on each process in the different pages of this website. Have a look at the videos below, read other people’s testimonials about their journey, working with these methods.

Are you ready to explore within and shine throughout? Start your journey now!

  • rebirth

    Rebirthing Breathwork

    Discover the healing power of the breath. Inhale peace, exhale stress. Release. Let go. It’s time to take a deep breath.

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  • psych-k


    If you feel like your mind is holding you back, then PSYCH-K® is the right process for you. This process will help you to change your mind to change your life

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  • testimonials


    You are welcome to have a look at other people’s experiences. Whether it’s Breathwork, PSYCH-K® or both, they have been through a journey you may take too.

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  • faq


    Everything you wanted to know about either method and didn’t dare to ask. Feel free to browse through the most common questions and learn more.

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  • fees


    Self-exploration is my passion. The blog is where I write my thoughts about this topic – its challenges, highs, lows, insights. Everything.

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  • contact

    Vipassana Meditation

    Practised by the Buddha himself, this technique offers ancient wisdom and a unique process. Referred by many as “The Art of Living”.

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The Power of Breath:

Discover the endless potential of Breathwork

The Psychology of Change:

All about PSYCH-K® process


" PSYCH-K® is precise, easy, un-frilly and un-embarrassing – you don’t have to explain anything. You don’t have to be uncomfortable. It’s not hugely personal. It is, however eye-opening in its clarity, breath-takingly concise and correct. You’ll make the connections to all your stories easily. Orli is warm and caring and makes it doable. "

Kate C.

" Oversimplifying my whole experience with Orli as a facilitator, this is how I felt several times along the way. I did the whole 10 sessions of Rebirthing Breathwork combined with PSYCH-K®, and it was the best thing that I could do for myself. I realised that you don’t need to suffer a big life changing trauma to stop breathing or to close yourself down. "

Amanda V.

" PSYCH-K® method is very clever and precise. It is not demanding or frightening, like other alternative methods. After one hour and a few simple exercises I felt that I succeeded to gain some new positive perspective that last in my mind. "

Gerda G.

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