Rebirthing Breathwork – FAQ

What is so special about Rebirthing?

There are countless methods and ways of self exploration and gaining happiness, and each of us has to decide what’s right for them. Rebirthing corresponds directly with the subconscious, in a way which detours conscious resistance (often led by our ego). Thus allowing us to get into the deeper level of our mind and let go of what is holding us back.

All this, by utilising our breath – at our disposal at all times. There are no “intellectual games” or rationalisation between yourself and your ego, the breath brings you straight to your subconscious in a gentle and precise way.

The best part is – it is completely up to you. No one can breathe for you, it is about your commitment to the process, to be active and making a choice. It is about your commitment to yourself and to the life you want to lead.

Can I breathe on my own?

Eventually – yes. After 10 guided sessions with a practitioner, you can practise Breathwork by yourself (and to yourself only), at your own free time.

How long does it take?

Usually, the breathing session lasts about 45-60 minutes. A short exploration of issues is normally done prior to the breathing session. Overall, a Rebirthing session is 1.5-2 hours. Allow yourself up to 3 hours for the first session.

Is this hyperventilation?

No. Hyperventilation is an involuntary phenomenon, while connected conscious breathing is voluntary and under control. The client has to keep on breathing in order to continue with the session, it is a deliberate process, which requires the commitment and intention of the client.

How is it done?

During the breathing session itself, the client lies down on the back, fully clothed (Rebirthing can also be done in water). The practitioner guides the client how to breathe, slowly leading them into a rhythm of conscious connected breathing. The session completes with deep serenity and relaxation.

How will I know if I’m breathing right?

Your practitioner is there with you all the time to guide you through and to support your process and your overall journey. In case you need further guidance with your breathing, your practitioner will gently prompt you to bring you back to the correct way of breathing.

Why is it called ‘Rebirthing’?

The usage of the breath for healing purposes is age-old and had been practised ever since ancient times. Leonard Orr, rediscovered the method during the 1970s and used it at the beginning to heal traumatic birthing experiences. In time, it was realised that Rebirthing Breathwork could be used to letting go of a lot more than just the birthing experience. The name, however, remained.