I was fortunate to have several sessions of PSYCH-K with Orli and I still feel amazed at the changes that resulted even though the process is simple and content free.

Orli is deeply compassionate so when I did feel the need to share a “story” she was able to meet me where I was and I was comfortable to do so. She works in a highly focused, accurate and up tempo way; is an excellent listener and inspires confidence.

As a result of the sessions I stopped creating anger in relation to my past and have become more peaceful and happier as a result. I’d recommend her.
Andrew, Coach, Dublin.

When I came to Orli for treatment, I was at a business crossroads. I didn’t work and didn’t know which way to choose. Orli offered me a PSYCH-K session. In this process, we allow our limiting beliefs to change.

Orli explained to me about the process, asked questions and then I chose a belief that I wanted to change and with a simple yet deep process, I was able to change my perception, to change my limiting belief.

I have done two sessions over the past few months, each worked on different beliefs and things that I want to strengthen. Months after my last session, I’m amazed at how my new, empowering perception, beliefs, were assimilated, rooted in me.

I feel like a new person, stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities. All thanks to Orli!

Orli is an amazing, attentive, pleasant, calm facilitator, very, very professional! I recommend her and the PSYCH-K process wholeheartedly!!
Karen B.

I have done both PSYCH-K and Rebirthing Breathwork with Orli and have found both experiences incredibly beneficial. Both modalities feel very practical and proactive and under Orli’s kind and professional guidance, I have gotten immense benefit from both experiences.

I came across PSYCH-K through Bruce Lipton and was thrilled when I found Orli here in Dublin. It is a very precise approach to healing and changing your unconscious beliefs and I found it had very profound and pretty immediate effects for me. Even the exercise of looking at your unconscious beliefs in itself is so enlightening, but then having the opportunity to change and improve them is wonderful and incredibly freeing.

Orli introduced me to Rebirthing Breathwork and I found it to be an incredible journey and tool. Through Orli’s help and guidance I felt like a very un-confrontational way to directly face a very dark traumatic part of my life. I was in a particularly dark place and really stuck when I started the course and it really brought me out the other side, with much greater understanding and peace and a lightness to myself. Through breathwork you do face your trauma’s directly, but in a way that really helps to bring some acceptance and disentangle some of the fear and horror that can keep you stuck in the past.

These are profound life-changing modalities that really help you to move on and free you from your past. However, Orli herself is also a key ingredient in the whole process. She is kind, caring, professional and really nurturing. She allows you as much space as you need and is also there to guide you and is unfazed by the traumas you may be dealing with. She holds a safe and un-judgemental space to facilitate immense healing. The whole experience has been an almost immeasurably positive one for me, it has been life changing in a peaceful and profound way.
Gillian P.

Have you ever felt that deep satisfying sensation of finding something was long missing, or that you were just simply struggling to find?
Oversimplifying my whole experience with Orli as a facilitator, this is how I felt several times along the way. I did the whole 10 sessions of Rebirthing Breathwork combined with PSYCH-K, and it was the best thing that I could do for myself. I realised that you don’t need to suffer a big life-changing trauma to stop breathing or to close yourself down.

Many small but constant and different episodes – and patterns that I created to deal with those along with my life – brought me to a situation of deep cloudiness and a lack of sense of worthiness and self-esteem. I wasn’t breathing anymore. My chest was heavy, and my mind was spinning so fast, that I couldn’t understand or recognise myself in me anymore.

First, I did some PSYCH-K sessions with Orli, and I knew I should take it further. PSYCH-K enables you, almost instantly, an answer from your subconscious mind regarding your deepest rooted beliefs about yourself, and about your patterns. But it was only after my first Breathwork session that I could truly understand and feel how much better I could breathe, how lighter I could feel and how important it was to “let go” of all the harm I was unconsciously and consistently inflicting on myself.

In each session we first worked with PSYCH-K, to help me to get a deep sense of understanding about my own process, and also to feel comfortable and safe with the breathing sessions. This was crucial for my self-healing process. The results were almost immediate and really deep.

I started to identify and work on what was really important to me and learned that it was okay to let go of the things that are not really important at the moment. I developed a deep sense of respect for myself and for my own process, observing and accepting who I am.
By consequence, I learned how to deal with my deep-rooted anxiety, my fears and doubts in a healthy way, and of course, I am breathing again. Sleeping better, functioning better, happier. I found what I was missing. It was me.
Amanda V.

Psych-K is precise, easy, un-frilly and un-embarrassing – you don’t have to explain anything. You don’t have to be uncomfortable. It’s not hugely personal. It is, however eye-opening in its clarity, breath-takingly concise and correct. You’ll make the connections to all your stories easily. Orli is warm and caring and makes it doable.

Because of travelling from abroad, I have packed hours and hours of work into just three days. And whilst exhausting, they have proved to be the best thing I have ever done for myself. To be able to change one’s negative beliefs is freeing beyond measure. When these beliefs are unconscious, we need help with their removal as it is impossible to pin them down on our own. We can honestly think we believe one thing when actually the opposite is the case. Orli has freed me from negative beliefs of which I really was aware. But, most importantly, she has changed the ones of which I had absolutely no clue.

Those restrictive beliefs that leave us separate or stuck, or feeling as if we’re never enough. If you do one thing for yourself, do this. It frees you to live with your own decisions as opposed to being run by beliefs you didn’t even know you had. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Perhaps more importantly, she gives you concrete ways to cope with the changes that come about after you realise you’re not actually trapped or stuck anymore. Kate C.

Breathwork under Orli’s direction and care has been the most profound and simultaneously effective type of therapy I’ve ever experienced, pharmacological remedies included. During the first session, I experienced more healing and acceptance around my father’s passing, than I did in the previous 15 years of intermittent counseling and self-medicating. Orli is wonderfully calming and attentive, and creates an atmosphere in which it feels safe to let go. The breathwork has illustrated to me what I think we all secretly know but find troubling to accept: any true healing comes from within. My sessions have been by turns euphoric, painful, saddening, spiritual – but they are always beneficial. After 7 sessions I have noticed improvement in mood, tolerance, anxiety levels, self-love; the list is endless. Orli has helped me to let much of the pain trapped inside my body, float away, and the resulting feeling of freedom is priceless.

In terms of the experience, PSYCH-K was less dramatic for me but no less effective. Orli gently teases out some of the self-limiting beliefs we all have and then goes about reversing them. It’s like reprogramming for the brain but it’s painless and empowering. Even without breathwork and PSYCH-K I’d still highly recommend visiting Orli because the chats before and after sessions have been more beneficial to me than general psychotherapy; but her and the techniques together are the winning combination for personal recovery and growth. Tadhg H.

I’ve experienced both Rebirthing Breathwork and PSYCH-K.
I was anxious before my first re-birthing session with Orli. It was something new to me and I wasn’t sure what would come up. Orli’s compassionate, professional approach put me at ease immediately. The process flooded my physiological body with oxygen.

I have been working with pain management for osteoarthritis for some years now, which I can only describe as a roller coaster of frustration and grief for the young strong body I feel I can’t reclaim. The relaxation and physical sense of suppleness and ease within my muscles were delightful. On a deeper subconscious level tears dropped effortlessly during the session, releasing negative emotions I had been carrying subconsciously from a young age. The sense of relief from letting this go gave me a great sense of calm contentment.

With a back ground in science and working in a practical engineering environment I have been known to be sceptical of alternative therapies. I cannot deny or ignore the surprisingly overwhelming and immediate sensations of healing and wellness that the process of PSYCH-K have gifted me with.

Working through PSYCH-K balances with Orli re-awakened my mind to past events that I thought I would never be able to let go of. Sensations within my own body… the lightness, the happiness and sense of freedom and ease with which I regained after the PSYCH-K work gave me hope that maybe my body will be able to heal itself. Five years of uninspiring conventional medicine which included doctors subscribing expensive pills that didn’t work left me feeling helpless and trapped with a recurring infection. PSYCH-K has re-ignited my hope that I can regain inner equilibrium to strengthen my health and well-being. Mary C.

Rebirthing is like nothing else I’ve ever done. Orli explains what will happen very well, and creates a very nurturing and safe environment.

My sessions have been endlessly intriguing, with some intense sensations, and very profound moments which have led me to some deep insights.

Since I started the process I have seen many unexpected and positive changes happen in my life. People from my past with whom I have unresolved issues have made unanticipated appearances in my life, allowing me to let go of memories which previously caused me pain.

As the sessions progress I am noticing that negative past experiences seem like they are more distant and further away, without the previously attached strong emotions.

It’s hard to explain, but as a result of the Rebirthing sessions I feel more relaxed, more complete, and more ‘me’. I feel lighter and a more liberated, like I have cut the cord to some things in my past that I was dragging behind me. I have just had my 5th session, and it does feel like I’m in the middle of a process. I’m really looking forward to completing my 10-week sessions to see how I feel then!   Eleanor R.

PSYCH-K method  is very clever and precise. It is not demanding or frightening, like other alternative methods. After one hour and a few simple exercises I felt that I succeeded to gain some new positive perspective that last in my mind.

Orli has unique qualities that make her an excellent, supporting therapist – she gained my trust within minutes. She is truly a great listener and also a very humble, sensitive and nonjudgmental person. I love the fact that she gives all the space in the world to explore  together the deepest  fears, traumas and emotional blocks that prevented me from peaceful life.   Gerda G.

It is difficult to vocabularies exactly what rebirthing is, as the experience is unique to everyone individually I can imagine. My rebirthing session with Orli, was very relaxed. The process felt very safe and warm as Orli guided my journey to, what felt like somewhere between the conscious and the subconscious, yet you are without doubt very aware of your whereabouts. The breathing process begins to calm the body and then the mind. At the beginning multiple thoughts and images flashed through my mind none of any major description or consequence. Once the mind relaxes deeper, the sense of calm resonates, and possibly allows emotion to rise.

Following the session I felt an enormous sense of Zen, and like I had shaken something off that subconsciously was weighing on me.

Orli as practitioner, warmly guides and enables you to enter the recesses of your consciousness! I for certain would thoroughly recommend rebirthing to rebalance the self. Ailbhe D.

Rebirthing was a really interesting experience ­ I find it difficult to put into words. I feel my experience was very unique to me, and I sense I will get more out of it as it goes on. I highly recommend Orli ­ she knows her stuff, and is a very sensitive person. This is definitely a good thing to do, and I’d like to do it again!   Ken R.

I have experienced Rebirthing before, and I remembered the benefits I’ve gained while using this method. The meetings with Orli were like spots of light for me ­ through the sessions I was gradually able to communicate better with myself and with the people around me. This was a breakthrough for me, as I’ve felt completely stuck in that aspect in my life. It would not have happened if I didn’t have the support I needed from Orli and by choosing the rightmethod for me ­ Rebirthing Breathwork.   Sagi C.

I’ve heard of Rebirthing from a dear friend of mine and as I love to discover new methods and to explore I’ve decided to give it a try. I was very happy I did ­ Rebirthing was the right thing at the right time for me. The sessions with Orli were great ­ she challenged me to deal with a lot of issues I was facing at that time, which brought in greater awareness on my part and positive change.   Shami O.