Look Within – Everything You Need to Know is There

Whether it is my Breathwork or PSYCH-K clients, the message is the same – explore within. It is probably the most basic instinct in all of us to look out, to see what’s not working for us in the outside world. But, if you want to get to the bottom of things, the answer is always within.

It Is All a Reflection

It is extremely frustrating when things don’t go our way. My guess is that it’s not only frustrating but also there’s a little child within us all who screams out – it’s not fair!  
Now here is the challenge – the outside world is a mere reflection of what’s going on within us. Within ourselves.

Before you stone me to death for exploiting this cliche, allow me to elaborate. The reflection I’m talking about is not only about some negativity we carry around. Rather, it is a direct reflection of our dialogue with ourselves. The way we think, talk, act and treat ourselves. So, yes, the first step in seeing change outside is changing the way to interact with ourselves.

But, I have another curve ball to throw your way.

A Matter of Awareness

It is through my professional experience that I’ve learned – the inner dialogue, most times, is very much unconscious. People do it as a matter of habit, rather than a conscious decision. This is usually a clear-cut evidence of a lot of limiting beliefs that nurture this inner conversation.

If we sum it up – limiting beliefs are the root of the inner dialogue, which is a direct reflection of the outside world. So, if you want to bring change into your life, your best way to do so is to start paying attention to the way you treat yourselves. In other words – self-awareness.

Peace Starts Within

Here is the punchline – self-awareness is gained by self-observation, self-exploration. If you’re looking to bring peace into your life than the outside is the last place to look for it. In other words – no point in passing on blame, project anger or assign responsibility to anyone but yourself. Instead, take a deep breath, smile, be kind to yourself and… Dive in. Peace is there. I promise.

And you? When will you begin that long journey to yourself?” (Rumi)

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