Feeling Stuck

The feeling of being stuck might be one that is common to all people at one point in their lives. Whether it is the feeling of being stuck emotionally, i.e. feeling hopeless, uninspired and negative; or on the practical level, i.e. nothing goes our way, we compare ourselves to others who seem to have moved forward while our life seems like the same old routine.

It’s Always Us

“I tried unlocking my potential, but when I put the key in the lock, it got stuck in my stubbornness.” Anthony T. Hincks.

Through my work with myself and others it is my impression that, ultimately, it’s always us. Meaning, we are the cause and also the breakthrough of our feeling stuck state of mind. It’s a matter of awareness and our readiness to acknowledge our actions and convictions that got us to the point at which we feel stuck.

As it often comes up during PSYCH-K and/or Breathwork sessions – it is what we believe about ourselves and life that got us to this point. And it will be what we are ready to let go of and change in our thinking that will advance us to a better place. The choice of action is always at our hands.

So, What Am I To Do?

First, take a deep breath and stop. When things get repetitive with no results, we feel like we are heating a wall, which builds up a lot of frustration and resentment within us. It seems to us like a vicious cycle in which we try harder and harder, and no breakthrough is on the horizon. So, stop.

Second, start observing. Meaning, it’s time to re-evaluate yourself, your actions, your beliefs. Now is the time to be brutally honest with yourself, ask the hard questions and take full responsibility. When one avoids taking responsibility, it is a strong indicator that they are not ready to make a change.

Third, only when you feel ready to let go of old convictions and beliefs and face the reality of your past actions, you are ready to make a change. In my experience, the place that requires most of the work is the phase in which we wrestle with crawling awareness and the need to bring ourselves to readiness.

Naturally, I recommend PSYCH-K and Breathwork as a means to gain change, as I’ve seen both methods doing wonders with clients and myself. But it doesn’t matter which method you choose, as long as you’re doing the work.

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