Looking Within, What Does It Mean?

It is a topic I keep going back to time and again, and yet I often feel it is not completely clear. I’m talking about self-awareness, or mindfulness, or self-exploration. The term one uses is not so important, as always it is the actual work that counts. It happens with both my Breathwork and PSYCH-K clients – I often get a puzzled look, a sort of question mark – what does it actually mean?

Self What?

Awareness. Being self-aware is key to your journey. What does it mean? It means that you’re investigating your self: who am I? Why am I being triggered by certain things? Why do I repeat the same behaviour even though I don’t want to? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? Am I happy with who I am? What kind of person do I want to be? And so forth.

The number of questions one can and should ask themselves is limitless. When we start asking ourselves these and other questions to discover who we are, we realise how little we know. And that’s ok. We have to start somewhere, and the journey of self-discovery is anything but a straight road. More than anything, contemporary research shows that 95% of our consciousness is in the subconscious level, so yes, this is a path to bring up layers from our subconscious to our conscious level.


That’s a legit point. If it’s so hard if it’s such a bumpy road that brings up so many issues and difficulties, why should we embark on this journey?

My answer to this is: imagine yourself walking around in this world with your eyes half covered. Yes, you can still see a bit and can definitely live like that for the rest of your life. But, think about what you’re missing. Think about all the things you can’t see, and the decisions you make based on partial knowledge. Imagine how life would look like if you could see more of what you see right now. Imagine the world that would unfold with more details of the complete picture.

So yes, it’s not easy to take off the blinds. And it is more than likely that we won’t succeed in taking them off completely. But the more vision we gain, the more knowledge we get, and even more liberated we are to make the right choices for us, to walk the path we want to and make the most of our lives.

It’s worth it, right?

Start asking yourselves the hard questions, observe yourselves and your behaviour, detect the patterns and triggers in yourselves, Take off the blinds from your inner eyes. A whole world will start to reveal itself to you, I promise.

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