Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Looking within could be a “tricky” thing. Meaning, like a lot of other things in life – there is more than one way to do it. We live in a time where looking within, question who you are and what you want, striving to lead a happy life, is very much welcomed. As a matter of fact – the pursuit after happiness is a driving force in many people’s lives.

One of the more challenging tasks is defining our happiness. We each define happiness in a different way and the meaning of this definition differs from one person to the other.

So, perhaps a good place to start the journey to self exploration will be to define what does happiness mean to you? How would you define your own happiness? It may seem like a simple question with a straight answer, like “my happiness is A, B or C”. But, if you dig deeper from the title level, and break it down to finer details, you may discover that this question is meant to be answered with a high level of accuracy in order for you to pinpoint the right factors for you.

There are layers to go through to define your happiness. The best “tip” I could give to anyone before embarking on this journey, is to allow yourself the freedom to search, question, think, challenge or anything else. This freedom will keep you authentic and true to yourself.

Who knows? You may realise new things about yourself, gain some precious insights, change your mind or simply be more self aware and happier as a result. The point is – don’t be afraid to get lost, as sometimes this is exactly what you need to find your way.

So, what does being happy mean to you? Are you happy? What keeps you away from your happiness? Do you want to be happy? Quite a few questions. What is your answer?


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