No Agenda, Simply Breathe

One of the never-ending discussions I have with my Rebirthing Breathwork teachers and fellow colleagues is about whether or not a session should be conducted with a specific agenda. I say it shouldn’t and to be honest – on that specific topic, I hold a minority opinion.

Throughout the years I’ve been practising Rebirthing Breathwork and the years I’ve been a practitioner, going into a session with a specific agenda was the dominant approach. You go into a session focusing yourself on a specific issue you have and you want to work on, and you “breathe out” the related trauma, negative experiences, limiting beliefs or anything else that is holding you back.

It sounds just about right, precise, focused, to-the-point. To a certain extent – it is. If you’re sensing a ‘but’ coming up, you’re right… Here is the thing – Rebirthing Breathwork corresponds directly with our subconscious, through the breath. So, there really is no way for us to know what we have released or not. We simply see the change and transformation in our daily life.

If we don’t really know what we released, then there is no point of attaching ourselves to the idea and desire to let go of a specific issue we have. If we do that, we are dooming ourselves for a lot of pain. The more we are getting attached to the desire of letting go, the more we are heading the opposite direction of that.

What if we find out after the session, that we still have some issues we’re holding within, and there is still stuff to let go of – wouldn’t that be a major disappointment and quite disheartening? Rebirthing Breathwork is a process, a journey. Once we are on this path, we feel better and better, gradually releasing what’s holding us back. No agenda is necessary, we simply need to give in to the process, commit and breathe.

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