Living in Abundance

One of the buzzwords in the so-called spiritual practising today is ‘abundance’. The desire to have enough, not to worry about how you are going to feed yourself, put a roof over your head (and your family’s) and generally – live your life with the ability to have what you want, is well addressed in this word – abundance.

It is a great thing – allowing yourself the idea that you are worthy of that – is fantastic. It really is. As I’ve said before – so much of the pain and suffering we bring into our lives start from the feeling of unworthiness. So, bringing in the idea of “plenty” is a great place to start.

There is, however, something that concerns me with the way, it appears, the concept of abundance is being interpreted. The dialogue over this idea remains within the limits of the material level. In other words, somehow abundance became a synonym for money and capital. You have abundance in your life if your current account in the bank shows you have a lot in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that to imply there is something wrong with having a lot of money. Not at all. Money is a necessity for all of us in our world. As simple as that. My point is, that by limiting the concept of abundance to this narrow point of view of money and capital, we limit ourselves in many other respects. By doing so, we don’t live in abundance no matter how much money we have in the bank, we live in shortage.

The way I see it, living in abundance means a lot more than money. It is deeper than that. When we narrow down our interpretation of a single concept, we are limiting ourselves in other aspects. When was the last time you allowed yourself go through and experience your entire range of emotions? When was the last time you observed and realised the “rich” areas of your life, regardless of the amount of money and assets you own?

Living in abundance means that we allow ourselves to explore, be present, experience, feel, taste and try to the fullest. We enable ourselves to be with the whole scope of whatever it is that we are going through. Allowing ourselves these possibilities and opportunities will bring abundance into our lives. In every aspect – abundance of love, success, joy, health and happiness. And yes, also abundance of money in the bank.

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